JumboCAD EDA 4.0

JumboCAD EDA V4.0 contains 3 packages, Schematic Capture, PCB designer and Library Editor. They are 100% free to use but I reserve the right changing  the future release to paid version.

I am an individual software developer, I write JumboCAD EDA as hobby this moment, so little support and no warranty

Schematic Capture

  • Easy to use, place parts, move parts, place wires only simply by moving and dragging your mouse. Use mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Simple hot-keys. CTRL-C (copy), CTRL-Z (Undo), CTRL-M (Move), CTRL-F (Find), delete (delete), F1 (Toggle pan mode), CTRL-W (draw wire), CTRL-R (rotate). No other hot-key
  • Support PAN mode.  Use "F1" or mouse wheel to zoom in  and zoom out.
  • Use XYCE as circuit simulator engine.  (this features was disable this moment)
  • BOM generation, PCB netlist generation
  • Auto annotate.



ScreenShot#3  (this features was disable for bug fixing this moment)

PCB designer 

  • Easy to use. Place parts, move parts, draw traces simply by moving and dragging your mouse. Zoom in & out by mouse wheel.
  • Simple hot keys, CTRL-C (copy), CTRL-Z (Undo), CTRL-M (move), CTRL-F(find),delete (delete), F1 (Toggle pan mode), CTRL-R (rotate). No other hot-key
  • Support PAN mode. Use "F1" or mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • support Unit in "mil" or "mm. Snap value can be any value. Precision up to 3 decimal place for "mm", 1 decial place for "mil"
  • Includes find part, find net, hight current net features.
  • support netlist import and re-import.  User can re-generate the PCB netlist to reflect the changes of schematic.
  • Gerber files,design rule check (DRC).
  • Work up to 16 conductive layers (Inner1-Inner13 are for evaluation purpose only, they are not yet tested) 





Library Editor


System Requirement

  • Run on Window 10, 64 bit (32 bit not test)
  • Recommend at least 4G memory,1920 X 1080 display above